Liquid Gold Lace Front Adhesive 29,53ml
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Liquid Gold professional bonding products – Welcome to the next generation of cold fusion! Liquid Gold bonds up to 5 times stronger and lasts up to 5 times longer than other bonding products. With Liquid Gold you can apply wefted installations, seal braids, and highlights and lowlights and apply bonding tips to bulk hair for other extension applications such as fusion. Liquid Gold is removed easily and quickly with Liquid Gold Bonding Remover – which is also a superior remover for other latex bond adhesives. Liquid Gold is a concentrated bonding agent which dries clear, making it perfect for all hair colors! Liquid Gold has no offensive odor which promotes a better salon experience. The bonds can be re-liquefied with heat, so it never needs to be reapplied due to product drying. In fact, the drier Liquid Gold gets after being applied to the weft, the better it will bond (In contrast, latex glues have to be bonded quickly before they dry).